Danielle Spera. Cultural Project-Management.

The brand for Art, Media and Judaism. Project Development Strategies.

Exhibition Concepts and Curating. Museum Consulting. Publications. Female Empowerment. Change Management. Communication training and presentation skills. Author.

Danielle Spera


Since 2022 Executive Director Culture. Media. Judaism.

Curator of numerous exhibitions, Author and Publisher of books and at the magazine NU.


Latest News

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Neue Aufgabe im Zukunftsfonds

After I was nominated as a new member of the project funding advisory board by the board of trustees of the Austrian Future Fund in January 2023, the first meeting that I was authorized to attend took place in April. The Project Funding Advisory board now consists of Univ.-Prof.in Dr.in Margarete Grandner, Univ.-Prof. Dr Robert Pfaller, Univ.-Prof. Dr Manfried Rauchensteiner and me. I am grateful that I can be involved in the precise assessment of projects with my expertise and professionalism. Working with the Chair of the Board of Trustees, Prof. Herwig Hösele, and Secretary General, Mag.a Anita Dumfahrt, fills me with great joy.

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