Danielle Spera mit Barbara Stelzl-Marx, Bundeskanzler Karl Nehammer und Vizekanzler Werner Kogler

Commemoration of the end of WWII

As in the previous year, I was allowed to take part in the commemoration event of the Federal Chancellery and to present the ceremony, which was broadcast live on ORF II. 78 years ago, the WWII in Europe ended with the unconditional surrender of Nazi Germany. What followed was a time of reorganization, awakening and reflection of the past, which in Austria took a long period of time. Only with the discussion about the wartime past of the former Austrian Federal President Kurt Waldheim, the debate about the responsibility of Austrians started. As a result, a new culture of remembrance was established, which has taken hold in Austria today more than ever. The keynote speech was given this year by the head of the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Research on the Consequences of War and Professor of Contemporary History at the University of Graz, Dr. Barbara Stelzl Marx.

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