Since the year 2000, when we founded the magazine NU, I have been writing for this magazine, which is published quarterly. Since 2018 I am privileged to serve as the editor and am fortunate to be able to work with a great team of journalists under the smart and thoughtful leadership of Dr. Andrea Schurian assisted by Michael Pekler. NU is a magazine that illustrates Jewish culture, politics and everyday life and thus contributes to a contemporary but also historical documentation of Judaism today.

What is the NU all about? It rhymes with "Tu" and probably comes from Nun! Nu belongs to the purest Yiddish and is perhaps comparable to Oy! It can be many things: a complaint, a comment, a mocking, mischievous or malicious remark, a groan or wail. Although it consists of only two letters, "Nu" can mean so many things:

Nu? - what's new?

Nu? - What do you mean?

Nu - so far so good!

Nu?! - can you imagine that?!

Nu!! - Do something!!!

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