The new exhibition at the Theater Museum illuminates a deeply Austrian phenomenon: pop music made in Austria or AUSTROPOP. The new director of the Theater Museum, Marie Theres Arnbom, invited me to write an article about the Austrian universal artist Arik Brauer on this specific topic. What was his contribution and how much did Arik Brauer influence this genre, as he was said to be the “father of Austropop? Like he himself, his songs are immortal, if we only think of "Koepferl im Sand" or "Sie habn a Haus baut". This book will turn into a standard work on the subject - published by Amalthea Verlag. The exhibition itself offers an entertaining insight into the world of this genre from Mozart (the real :-)) to Amadeus von Falco. The great Austrian comedian Karl Farkas would have stated: Just look at this!

Austropop. Buch


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